By designing sustainable boutique menswear tailored for performance and longevity, we set out to make the most durable underwear on the planet.

In 2018 I signed up to raise money for cancer research by participating in a white collar boxing event. I stepped into a gym for the first time in over a decade, and went on to lose 54lbs of excess body fat in training. This put a lot of stress on my underwear drawer, and not one pair went the distance without fraying, fading, or losing elasticity. My thighs were red raw from running, and so I forked out a small fortune on several pairs of skin tight compression shorts.

One night after clearing out my wardrobe, I caught a documentary called ‘fashion’s dirty secrets’, that laid bare the devastating effects that mass produced clothing and synthetic fabrics like my polyester undies cause around the world, not only polluting crops and water supplies, but also impacting the health of local communities.

The thing is, we can’t be expected to stop wearing clothes. A global shift to nudism just isn’t practical, especially over here in the U.K during the winter months. Second hand stores are an option, but not so much when it comes to underwear. So we decided to do something about it.

REVA AMORE was conceived to help men with active lifestyles look good, feel comfortable, save money, and reduce waste.

We reviewed a variety of sustainable fabrics that could be grown naturally without the use of chemicals and harmful fertilizers, and studied their attributes in consideration of what would benefit our favourite types of underwear and provide style, comfort, and durability without compromise.

Having committed to supporting a global reduction of textile and waste pollution by using eco-friendly fabrics and recyclable packaging, we are proud to launch our Stretch Bamboo Boxer Briefs and Organic Cotton Seamless Trunks.

Delivering worldwide from our home city of Liverpool, REVA AMORE creates elevated basics with a tailored vibe, integrating timeless aesthetics with progressive ideals.