You may wonder why we use different fabrics for each style of underwear when some brands settle on just the one. From studies during our design phase, we found that bamboo and organic cotton each had benefits that would make either a solid contender for any style of underwear, but they both also had unique characteristics which make them ideal for their respective design.


Soft: Underwear made from bamboo feels delicate and smooth, often being compared to silk. This is because it's fibres are long, smooth and rounded off, resulting in less ends; a major factor in any material's softness. Whereas rough synthetic textiles such as polyester can cause friction and itching, bamboo's anti-static nature actually combats chafing, and slides gently against the skin.

Breathable: Bamboo fibres are hollow and contain micro holes in each strand, making it a natural alternative to mesh fabrics used in activewear. Unlike other fabrics, the smooth strands do not snag against each other, which causes blockages in the gaps of the weave. This provides our boxer briefs with superb ventilation, allowing air to flow in, and moisture to evaporate out.

Moisture Wicking: Bamboo fibre is both hydrophobic and hydrophilic, making it alternately attracted to and not attracted to water. Truly one of nature's contradictions, as the application of water against the fabric results in the water molecules attracting to one another other along the strands, pulling moisture up along them and away from the skin. When the water reaches the surface of the bamboo material, it evaporates more quickly, leaving your skin dry and feeling fresh. This evaporation, which naturally and constantly occurs, drives the moisture to continually travel towards the surfaces of each bamboo fibre. Bamboo fibre keeps the moisture away so that the fabric does not stick to the skin, and dries fast so that you feel cooler and more comfortable while you wear it.

Thermoregulating: The breathability of bamboo fabric make our underwear an ideal choice for hot and cold climates alike. The air flow created by the fabric's micro gaps enables the temperature on one side of the fabric to regulate against the temperature on it's other side, meaning that your body heat is regulated against the temperature of the air around you. Because of this structure, bamboo boxer briefs help you to keep warm when it’s cold outside, as the principle of thermoregulation applies. The weave regulates the temperature between your body and the air, making you feel warmer when its cold, and cooler when you are hot.


Reducing the impact on our planet's resources: Organic cotton uses 91% less water, 46% less CO2, and 61% less energy than standard cotton. A lock of chemicals ensures that the cultivation of organic cotton is better for things like soil health, biodiversity, and human health.

Form Fitting: Boxer Briefs are a hybrid of the former and the latter, trunks are a more formal extension of that concept. Perfect for going out as they're shorter in the leg and more snug around the waist. A They’re tight, and provide the required support for genitals, and save you from the embarrassment of getting an inadvertent erection.

For men who have an athletic figure, briefs provide a more masculine look.