Why Bamboo should be your Go To when it comes to performance underwear

Ever since the 1980's, synthetics like Polyester and Spandex have cemented their place in pop culture as the powerhouse of active wear, conjuring visions of leggy blondes with large perms, wearing cloth headbands and brightly coloured leotards, or possibly Mr. Motivator if your Mum used to watch GMTV.

Synthetics have dominated the market for a lifetime and are still popular to this day. Given the advancements in organic crop farming as of late, paired with the data currently available on climate change, I would argue that synthetics have outstayed their welcome when it comes to sportswear.

In late 2018 I lost 54lbs through a combination of intermittent fasting and hard graft in the gym. To keep the momentum going into the New Year, I signed up to compete in a white collar boxing competition and helped raise money for cancer research along the way.

Prior to this I hadn't involved myself in a physical sport since P.E class in High School. This was at the forefront of my mind the second after I signed up, but I had something to prove to myself, and the fear of getting knocked out in front of a crowd of hundreds was a great motivator to work hard and keep pushing forward.

Having transformed my body through daily cardio and weight lifting routines over the course of 4 months, I figured I was in decent shape when I arrived for my first boxing class. Twenty minutes into circuit training and I was drenched in sweat and gasping for air. My level of fatigue was matched only by the discomfort from the chaffing beneath my shorts.

I'd immersed myself into the lifestyle and charged down a rabbit hole of YouTube fitness gurus and health experts. I'd reinvented my body, and retrained my mind. I could bore my friends and family with an encyclopedic knowledge of workout routines and meal recipes, but when I was asked what the best clobber was to go running in, I knew nothing.

What I did know was that losing so much weight in such a short space of time had come at a cost. Most of my clothes were no longer fit for purpose. Even my undie draw needed tossing out. Through a series of workout routines and extra washes, my favourite boxers had literally been worn out. Some had ripped and frayed, others had faded and lost their shape.

This is what sparked the idea of designing my own underwear. I wanted something that looked and felt like an upmarket luxury brand, but performed better under strain, and could adapt to body transformation. As soon as the referee had raised my hand at the end of the third round, my sights were set on a new goal. I charged down another rabbit hole studying fabrics and design. I used my recent experience as a gym natty to help create what I consider to be the most beneficial piece of kit in my workout bag. I received the final prototype samples of REVA AMORE Bamboo Boxer Briefs last November, and they're still going strong now, despite each pair being worn and washed twice a week on average.

 Here's 6 reasons why going for Bamboo is the way forward:


  • You're fighting climate change

Bamboo has been labelled as one of the world’s most renewable materials, largely due to being able to grow up to four feet in just one day... honestly. As unreal as this sounds, look it up. The plant absorbs five times more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than similar size plants.

To thrive like this, bamboo requires no pesticides and much less water than cotton. When bamboo is harvested, the plant regenerates itself very quickly. Most importantly, it's recyclable.

  • Hypoallergenic

Bamboo is a naturally hypoallergenic material, which means it’s less likely to cause an allergic reaction in individuals with sensitive skin conditions.

  • It's one of the softest fabrics on the planet

Bamboo fibres are naturally soft because their structure is long, smooth and rounded. The length of each bamboo fibre means that it has less ends, which is one major factor in any material’s softness. The smoothness of each bamboo fibre is another factor which makes this material naturally soft. The rounded ends of bamboo fibres make it softer, as opposed to rough or pointy ends.

Other materials with rough or point ends have jagged edges along the lengths of their microscopic fibres, and the culmination of all these millions of jagged little points are what makes a woven fabric rough. Bamboo fibre, being smooth and rounded, means that the weave is naturally much softer.

  • Insanely Breathable

Bamboo fabric regulates body temperature, and has the ability to cool you off in the same way that your body does naturally by sweating. This is achieved through micro gaps in the fabric's molecular structure. These gaps trap cool air, and maintain a cooling layer against your skin.

  • Antibacterial - keeps you odour free and feeling and smelling fresh

As published in the Journal of Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences, a study on the microbial odour profile of Polyester and Cotton clothes after a fitness session revealed that bamboo had superior antibacterial qualities over other viscose fabrics and cotton. This is said to be the result of a unique antibacterial quality generated from an antimicrobial bio-agent called Bamboo Kun, which is found naturally in living Bamboo fibre, making it an anti-fungal and odour resistant fabric.

  • Keeps You Dry

Bamboo has an excellent wicking ability that will pull moisture away from the skin, so that it can evaporate. An ideal quality to have in underwear, to ensure that you won't finish up your workout in soggy bottoms.

Above: That's me in the background, before the diet and exercise kicked in.

Below: My hand raised on Fight Night.

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